Paraguay Outreach

October 22nd – November 8th, 2022

Asuncion, Paraguay

Our first trip to Paraguay was back in October of 2019. We had received an invitation from Adela Braun, director of the chaplaincy program of Diaconia, a Christian organization based in Asuncion, Paraguay that reaches out to women in poverty – providing micro-loans to 6000+ women, job training, and spiritual support through 180+ volunteer women chaplains in Trust Groups ( Adela asked Jill to speak at their chaplain’s leadership retreat which resulted in her taking a team of 4 women to Paraguay for 10 days, October 6-14, 2019.

Jill and her team were able to pour into these volunteer chaplains, who selflessly and tirelessly give of themselves week in and week out to the women under their care. It was a powerful time of ministry, not only at the retreat but in many other locations around Asuncion.

We had planned to return with a team the following October 2020, but by then everything was locked down due to COVID restrictions. It has only been in the last couple of months that we’ve been able to begin making plans to return!

Thus, we are thrilled to announce that Full Sail is taking another small team to Paraguay from October 22 through November 8, 2022. Our team is small (Geoff, Jill, Jill’s sister, Jamie Beck and a precious friend, Evelia from Bucerias, Mexico who we ministered with and translated for us in our two previous ministry trips to Mexico) but, we believe are just the right people for this special outreach to Paraguay.

We will be participating again for the leaders retreat of  Diaconia the first weekend we’re there. Jill will be speaking twice with prayer ministry times following. Please pray for these precious leaders to receive much encouragement, healing and refreshment from the Lord. The rest of our time will be spent meeting with a number of smaller groups of people, many of whom are in ministry. Please pray for a fresh word from the heart of God for each of them, His overwhelming love to pour into their hearts, and clear direction as we pray. God is up to something so much bigger than us and we just want to flow with Jesus!! Thank you so much!!

Details for this Outreach


From April 2nd – 6th we’re bringing a team of 8 people to Penang, Malaysia to partner with Dalat International school in hosting their Missions Emphasis Week (MEW) for approximately 300 7th — 12th grade students, parents, and staff. In partnership with the Spiritual Life Director of Dalat, Kirk Ronzheimer, we have been working together to create a week of un-rushed time and safe space. He is excited to offer those connected to Dalat a new experience. 

Each grade level (middle school and high school) will have a couple days off from school to focus on Father God and their connection with Him. Through worship and teaching times, personal reflection times, breakout sessions, small group times, and prayer/personal ministry times, we are looking forward to seeing Father God work in the hearts of those that come to each of the sessions. We can hardly wait to see what God has in store!

Current for Women – Malaysia

From April 13th – 14th we’re hosting the next Current for Women – Living Hope weekend at Fettes Park Baptist Church for the women of Penang, including local Malaysian women as well as expats from around the world. Through several visits to this area, we have been told that there has never been a women-only event like this in Malaysia. What an unprecedented opportunity to create safe space and un-rushed time for these wonderful women!

Five of our Malaysian sponsors were able to attend the C4W we held in Thailand in March 2017. They came to “spy out” the event so that they could prepare themselves for hosting their own Current in September. They each came away with a story of God’s desire to connect with each of us. One shared with us afterward that she was using one of the Reflective Stations, and as she stood with her hands palms up, she felt like God stepped right up in front of her. She heard Him say that she was His Chosen Daughter and that He was so delighted with her. She was so impacted by this moment that she asked permission to create a few of these stations for the home church during Easter week last year! Needless to say, there is much anticipation and growing expectancy for what God will do!!

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Find us on Facebook to say up-to-date while we’re in Paraguay!

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