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A reprieve from the noisiness of daily life, where women can sink deeper into the currents of their relationship with God through artistic expression, freeform worship and teachings from Scripture.

Cur•rent for Women Themes

Each C4W weekend is built upon themes and passages of Scripture and includes similar yet specific artistic expressions. If you are considering hosting a Cur•rent for Women event at your church, we invite you to explore each of the themes below, and contact us if you have questions.



The seasons will change, the tender green shoots will push through the ground and new life will appear. Hold on to Hope! Take courage again. Spring is coming.



How would your life change if you knew that the God of the universe looked straight at you and said, “I choose you.” Value, identity, belonging flow freely from one who knows she is chosen…and that is what you are.



Let the current of His deep love and grace wash over your soul, ease your burdens soothe your ache, reawaken your passion, and sweep you off your feet...maybe for the first time.

International Current for Women Events

In 2015 we took Current for Women overseas for the first time. Since then, we’ve hosted four Current for Women events in Chiang Mai, Thailand and will be hosting our fifth C4W Weekend in Penang, Malaysia later this year!

You can Pay-It-Forward!

Hosting these beautiful weekends overseas would not be possible without the generous donations from past C4W attendees and Full Sail Ministries’ donors. If you would like to “pay forward” your Current for Women experience or give towards the travel and international expenses of the FSM Team you may do so using the form below. Thank you!

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Every Cur•rent for Women Weekend Away includes the following…


Reflective Stations

Personal stations thoughtfully designed to invite attendees into deeper intimacy with the Father.


Life-Affirming Teachings

Speaker Jill Ludlow expounds on Scripture in each session and incorporates powerful stories from her own life to encourage and inspire attendees.


Freeform Worship

An atmosphere of worship expertly cultivated by the Full Sail Band and Team.

“Current for Women invites you to step into a different kind of weekend away. Through worship and the Word, life stories and the Life Giver, let the wind of His Spirit blow into your soul, lift your burdens, soothe your ache, reawaken your passion, and whisk you off your feet… maybe for the first time.”

Jill Ludlow Conference Speaker

“In their own words”

  • I feel I was given hope back into my life.  It felt like the elephant that was sitting on my chest got up.  Thank you for helping me not throw everything away and focus on prayer and guidance (instead).  My prayer will be that you reach more women like myself…that are at their worst spot in life and forget where to turn.

    Visalia, CA Attendee | 2009
  • I was blown away by God’s love and the realness of His Presence throughout the worship and teaching.  He met me in powerful ways in the prayer times, and did a deep work not only of healing but of renewing hope in places I had almost lost hope.  Maybe the greatest work was that thought the weekend He restored to me the joy of my salvation. I cant truly say for the first time in a very long time that I love the Lord with all my heart and have the desire to live life by His Spirit and for His glory.  I wish every woman could experience God’s touch through this ministry even as I had.

    Archbold, OH Attendee | 2009
  • I came into the conference tired and weary and not in the mood for a ‘Rah Rah’ experience.  What I found was a place of peace and an opportunity to encounter God on a personal and intimate level.  I have never been to a ‘conference’ like this one – and it was so evident that the power of the Holy Spirit was mightily at work and present!  I want to thank you for the way in which you are allowing God to use you – your spirit of love and care, your vulnerability, your passion for God shared with us through the messages and time of prayer, and reflection stations, communion, and all the experiences you and your team provided.  It was an amazingly wonderful experience and one in which I will continue to draw on for spiritual growth and encouragement.

    Chino, CA Attendee | 2011
  • The highlight for me was just being able to reconnect with God and have unrushed time to hear Him speaking to me.  And to break through lies that I had been carrying with me.  When I came in Friday, I was tired and angry and felt rejected.  I had started building up walls because I felt so much failure in my life.  Over the course of the weekend God showed me His great love for me and reminded me of His faithfulness.  I felt like I was in a giant storm when I came, but the thunder and lightening subsided as I stopped listening to the lies and the pouring rain slowly faded until the clouds were swept away and the sun began to shine and God’s rainbow burst forth.  Thank you for giving me a place to hear God and to be pulled from the storm I was drowning in.

    Northwest OH Attendee | 2015

    What can I expect?

Excellent Worship

Artistically Beautiful Settings

Life-Affirming Teachings from the Bible

Real Women’s Life-Stories

Prayer Ministry

Reflective Stations

Time & Space

    Schedule of Sessions

Friday Evening:

6:00pm — Registration (Reflective Stations open)

7:00 – 9:00pm — Session I


Saturday :

9:00am — Doors Open (Reflective Stations open)

10:00am – 12:00pm — Session II

12:00pm — Lunch

1:30pm – 3:30pm — Session III

3:30pm – 4:00pm — Worship, Communion & Closing

We are very grateful for the following sponsors who have helped underwrite Current for Women Weekends and sponsored women through our scholarship fund.

Speaker Bio


Jill Ludlow

When Jill was 13, her dad gave her a brand new copy of The Living Bible and a “read through the Bible in a year calendar”.  Little did she know that this would give birth to a lifelong love for the Word of God.  Ever since, some of her happiest moments are spent curled up with her Study Bibles and journal! She’s written several in-depth Bible Studies, which she shares through FSM’s Current for Women events as well as in other retreats, conferences and events throughout the US and Canada, as well as the countries of India, Albania, Qatar, and Thailand. 

Having struggled for years with the pain of rejection and self-hatred associated with being born with birth defects, Jill’s heart was literally captivated by the Lord Jesus at age 16 when she received a deep and lasting emotional healing that set her free! Now, all of her sharing and teaching from the Word are delivered from the greatest passion in her heart – to know God and be known by Him.  Jill loves light, color, beauty, adventure and long, deep heart to heart conversations over bottomless cups of Dark Roast coffee!!

 Booking and Scheduling

Interested in hosting Cur•rent for Women, Jill Ludlow or the Full Sail Band at your church or in your city?

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